Commercial, Office Tile and Grout Restoration In Maryland, Washington DC, Northern And Virginia

Are your tile and grout floors bringing down the look of your facility no matter how much they are mopped and scrubbed? Unfortunately, over time, your tile and grout floors will be smudged and stained by foot traffic and spilled substances no matter how careful your employees and patrons are. Replacing them is an expensive proposition, but  there is a cost-effective alternative. Here at Certified Building Services we can restore your tile and grout to an unbelievable level of quality for much cheaper than the cost of replacing the entire floor. Using our state-of-the-art floor coating, not only will your tile and grout look fantastic, but our restoration will keep it that way for a long time.

Enjoy An Instant Makeover With Our Tile and Grout Restoration

What would it mean to you to have beautiful tile and grout floors that will stay that way without special cleaning or other headaches? Once we have restored your tile and grout in an area, it requires no maintenance beyond normal mopping. Your floors will look as good as new for years and will be protected from spills as well as any mold or microoganism build up. Let us take care of your tile and grout floors and lift any unnecessary weight off of your shoulders.

Restroom Tile Restoration

Easily one of our most requested areas of tile and grout restoration, Restroom Restoration is something that we specialize in. Understandably, your restrooms are usually where your tile and grout is hardest hit by traffic and spills. Urine spills quickly result in discolored grout and smells that cannot be removed by normal cleaning. Adding insult to injury, mold and microorganisms create even more mess and smell. Our Tile and Grout Restoration will clean and color the grout in your restrooms and then seal the floor while it is still in pristine condition. This protective coating will keep any future spills and traffic damage from affecting the tile and grout beneath it with the result being a beautiful floor for years to come. For more information on our Tile and Grout Restoration services give us a call at 240.386.0009.