Water Damage/Mold

Water damage can and  will lead to microbial growth if not mitigated properly.  Proper mitigation is comprised of several steps.  First, and most important, is to begin the drying process as quickly as possible ( within 24-48 hours).  Certified Building Services is available to respond to any size water loss within 2 hours of contact.  Second, is to determine the category of water.  There are different response actions for each of the three categories ( white, grey and black).  All of our technicians are trained in recognizing the differences and mitigating accordingly.  The next step involves utilizing the latest means and methods to ensure a return to the dry standard within the limited time window.  Once the dry standard is achieved, a preventative anti-microbial solution is applied to all applicable areas.  The final step is to remove all equipment, debris and non salvageable contents (if necessary).

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